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Update on Tax Return Amendment Process Improvements

New and improved amended return process coming soon.

We focused our efforts on the various individual forms such as 540, 540NR Long, 540NR Short, and 540 2EZ.

We recently concluded an outreach effort to tax practitioners and tax software providers that began in mid-2016. During the outreach, we received a good deal of helpful feedback that we incorporated to improve the way amended returns will be filed and processed in 2017.

Beginning with tax year 2017, we will eliminate separate form for amending personal income tax returns (Form 540X) and replace it with the 540 series forms, each adapted to allow for amended return filing.

At the same time, we will also introduce a simple schedule (Schedule X) which we designed to capture the reason for the amendment and to guide taxpayers with the calculations of their revised tax liability or refund.

More details will be available soon as a part of the yearly forms update and review process that we use to inform you and tax software providers regarding upcoming changes.

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